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Suffering from the common app crunch?

Forget the pain and panic. The Essay Doc is in and ready to cure your writing woes. From years spent helping my own children and a waiting room's worth of young friends and relatives win their coveted acceptance letters, I've learned how to administer the "write" essay Rx for college bound success.


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Let me use my skills as an experienced essayist, teacher and editor to aid your student in accessing his or her unique writing style; the resounding voice certain to airlift an application from the 'maybe' pile to the top of the 'must have' heap. 

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Who can the essay doc assist?

The underwhelmed, the recalcitrant, even the procrastinating become energized and engaged as we brainstorm together creating, writing, rewriting and producing confident personal narratives: rich, fully realized essays, designed to best serve the prompts given and to assure academic acceptance. Highly motivated students too - from Ivy League aspirants to early decision hopefuls - report working with the Essay Doc gives them the focus they need to construct clear, cons ice, memorable essays.